Self service Linux 读书笔记

作者:Mark Wilding and Dan Behman 出版日期:2005.9


In a nutshell, this book is about effectively and efficiently diagnosing problems that occur in the Linux environment. It covers good investigation practices, how to use the information and resources on the Internet, and then dives right into detail describing how to use the most important problem determination tools that Linux has to offer. Ultimately, as Linux increases in popularity, there are many seasoned experts who are facing the challenge of translating their knowledge and experience to the Linux platform. Many are already experts with one or more operating systems except that they lack specific knowledge about the various command line incantations or ways to interpret their knowledge for Linux. This book will help such experts to quickly adapt their existing skill set and apply it effectively on Linux.



  • strace : 跟踪系统调用
  • ltrace : 跟踪函数调用(与strace类似,但更详细)
  • lsof : lists open files
  • top : list running process
  • traceroute/tcptraceroute : 跟踪网络路由
  • ping : 测试网络连通性
  • hexdump或类似软件 : 以16进制显示文件内容
  • tcpdump和/或ethereal : display packets of network traffic
  • GDB : 调试器
  • readelf : 显示ELF格式可执行文件信息


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